DISCOVER Magazine #7

New bow design boosts Ice-Class Tugs performance

Published in category: Harbour & Terminal

For some years now Damen has been a leader in the design and build of Ice-class harbour and escort tugs, with over 30 sold in the past few years alone. However it has recently introduced a specially modified bow section developed with ice technology experts Aker Arctic in Finland.

This offers operators a greatly enhanced ice-breaking performance for a given level of power or, on the other hand, a significantly reduced fuel consumption for a given level of performance. This is now a standard feature across Damen’s Ice-class range of ASD ICE designs. The entire range of ICE class Tugs is comprised of three Stan Tugs and three ASD designs, along with heavily reinforced hulls both fore and aft. The six tugs offer bollard pulls from 15 to 70 tonnes. All the Damen vessels are compliant with Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) as well as Russian Flag regulations, and can be easily modified to satisfy the requirements of the other major classification societies.

All the tugs are heavily insulated against the cold to reduce energy consumption, and additional features including low temperature floor heating and engine heat recovery systems that keep the interiors warm. These contribute towards making the vessels safe and comfortable working environments for their crews in an extreme cold climate. More deliveries of Ice-class tugs will take place over the summer, and stock vessels are available for rapid delivery.

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