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New Australian service hub appreciated by the market

Published in category: Harbour & Terminal

Damen’s decision to set up the company’s first ever Australian Service Hub at the end of 2013 has certainly been appreciated by customers.

Damen Services Brisbane Pty Ltd. serves Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Currently, there are some 70 Damen vessels, including many Azimuth Tractor Drive Tugs, Stan Tugs and Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs in the region and there are more on the way, says Roland Briene, Damen Area Director Asia Pacific.


The Service Hub handles maintenance issues, prepares and assists during vessel deliveries and the Brisbane engineers provide on the spot training to help customers. Additionally, the team can arrange simulator training either at Smartship in Brisbane or at the Group’s new simulator centre, 360-Control, which is based near Amsterdam.

“The Service Hub is definitely appreciated by customers. It has proved itself, providing much shorter communication lines for our customers. And of course, it has the backup of Damen’s Dutch headquarters and other shipyards in the Group.”

Customers in the region also have access to the Damen web portal where they can find information about the progress of work orders, spare parts and download all drawings and manuals related to their fleet.


Additionally, given the fact so many vessels such as ASD Tugs, are coming up for their five-year survey, the Damen Service Hub is doing its best to make sure this process can be as smooth as possible.

Vessel numbers in the region continue to increase. A long-standing customer of Damen, DMS Maritime Pty Limited will take delivery of its Escape Gear Ship 8316 Submarine Rescue Vessel this year, which will be used to support the Royal Australian Navy’s submarine fleet. And in 2016, a Rescue Gear Ship 9316 will be delivered. New Zealand is also seeing an expanding client base as three deliveries of ASD tugs took place in 2014 to the Ports of Auckland, Port Otago and Eastland Port.

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