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Multraship takes delivery of first CAROUSEL RAVE TUG

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Multraship has taken delivery of the first of two CAROUSEL RAVE TUGs (CRT). The CRT makes harbour towage of seagoing vessels safer, faster, easier and more environmentally friendly.

The vessel, Multraship 32, was delivered by Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam under lease to Multraship. Julian Oggel, Managing Director of Novatug, the innovation arm of a group to which Multraship belongs, said,

The whole CRT concept was driven by safety considerations. In principle, capsizing is impossible when towing with the CRT, which facilitates the safe execution of manoeuvres that would be very high risk with traditional tugs.

Multraship has taken delivery of the first of two CAROUSEL RAVE TUGs

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