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Latest deliveries to Svitzer Australia takes Damen fleet to twenty vessels

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The delivery in June 2018 of Svitzer Glenrock to Svitzer Australia took the total number of Damen vessels operated by the Australian arm of the world’s leading towage groups to twenty. The ASD 3212 was the second vessel in a two-ship order and becomes the most powerful Damen tug in Svitzer Australia’s fleet, which includes ASD and ATD Tugs in the 2310, 2411, 2412 and 2810 series. Svitzer Newton, an additional ATD 2412, was delivered earlier in the year as part of the same order.

Australian ports have been benefiting from Damen tugs for many years. When Svitzer purchased the Australian operations of Adsteam Towage in 2007 it already had Damen vessels in its fleet, and since then the overall operation has expanded to over 85 vessels in total 28 ports and harbours, from Darwin to Fremantle to Melbourne to Brisbane, and also in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. Today the company has more than 1000 employees and conducts over 50,000 vessel movements a year.

Svitzer Glenrock Naming Ceremony people standing near the tug


The latest additions

Glenrock arrived in Australia on her own keel from Vietnam. The delivery came less than four months after contract signing; a factor that contributed to Damen winning the contract. The vessel was already under construction and just required finishing to Svitzer’s specifications to make it ready for its voyage to Australia. Damen’s build-for stock programme for its most popular designs is valued by many customers, not least those that might require new assets at short notice in order to fulfil a contract. The stock vessels are completed to the point at which many elements can be still customised, and final finishing take place in just a month or two.

Svitzer Australia Managing Director Nicolaj Noes says the investment in the new Damen tugs reflects Svitzer’s focus on the future. “We have worked closely with customers and stakeholders, namely the Port Authorities and pilots to ensure that we are upgrading our fleet with the right vessels. We are excited about these investments and the potential productivity and efficiency gains they will bring to their respective ports.”

The ATD Tug 2412 Svitzer Newton is now based in Fremantle on Australia’s west coast, along with seven other Damen tugs. The ASD Tug 3212 Svitzer Glenrock is operating in Newcastle, NSW. As the world’s busiest coal port, Newcastle depends on tugs with the ability to efficiently and safely move bulk carriers and petroleum tankers around the harbour. Svitzer Glenrock is fitted with a render recovery forward winch which ensures that the tow line is always under tension, optimising her for the active-escort of large petroleum tankers in and out of the port. Given this superior line handling capability, the tug has been committed to Svitzer’s AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and so will be available for emergency assists for any vessel with propulsion or steerage problems outside the harbour.


On the other side of Australia, Svitzer Newton is working in the Fremantle Inner Harbour conducting harbour towage operations for a wide range of vessels from cruise ships to livestock and container carriers. The power and manoeuvrability of the ATD 2412 tug not only suits her for her role, it will also allow the port to accommodate the anticipated growth in traffic from larger container ships calling at Fremantle.

Arrival - Entering the Inner Harbour

Roland Briene, Damen’s Area Director Asia-Pacific, commented: “Our relationship goes back to the introduction of the Damen ASD 2411. The initial feedback of the technical team of what was then Adsteam was essential in the development of the new tug class and since then over 120 have been built and sold worldwide. The relationship continued to strengthen after the takeover of Adsteam by Svitzer, and the subsequent opening of the Damen Service Hub in Brisbane was further evidence of our commitment to the region.”

“The delivery of the ATD 2412 to Fremantle marks another milestone for the relationship, with Damen tugs now present in all the major ports in Australia where Svitzer operates.”

We look forward to many more years of productive and innovative cooperation between our two companies.

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