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Four ASD Tugs 2310 for Delo Group

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gor Yakovenko CEO DeloPorts LLC
Igor Yakovenko
DeloPorts LLC

The ASD Tug 2310 continues to be a best seller for Damen as a compact yet powerful tug, ideal for operations within the confines of harbours and terminals. December 2017 saw the delivery of three of this model to the Russian Delo Services, named Delovoy 1, Delovoy 2 and Delovoy 3, with Delovoy 4 due to be delivered in November 2018. Delo Services is part of the Delo Group of companies, an organisation that specialises in transport and logistics based on the Port of Novorossiysk on Russia’s Black Sea coast. This purchase marks the first foray by the Delo Group into towage services.

Delovoy 1, 2, 3

“We decided to operate our own tugs because we were often encountering long delays while waiting for tugs operated by third parties to be free following the loading of other vessels, especially after the cancellation of storm warnings,” said Igor Yakovenko, CEO of DeloPorts LLC. “Having our own assets allows us to make the best use of calm weather and also gives us an additional income stream. After a comprehensive review of the tug market we finally chose Damen based on its combination of competitive pricing, rapid delivery and high quality.”

Delo Services’ ASD Tugs have a bollard pull of 51 tonnes and come with air-conditioned accommodation for six persons. The construction design and materials are specified to minimise noise and vibration. As well as their primary duties of vessel assistance and towing in and around the Delo Group’s KSK grain and NUTEP container terminals at Novorossiysk, they have also been fitted out for other harbour tasks.

“Delovoy 3 and Delovoy 4 are equipped for firefighting,” continues Igor, “and they all have split drum winches with two tow ropes, one for immediate use and the other as a spare. A device for automatically releasing the tow rope when the towing force is exceeded is also installed on each tugboat. Other features that we specified include separators in the fuel system to ensure that the diesel is clean, and preheating systems for the engines to increase their reliability and reduce wear. They are also fitted with platforms and ladders for the transfer of pilots.

“We have found Damen to be most cooperative,” adds Igor. “They have been very receptive regarding improvements to the design of the tugs, and also to our requests for the installation of additional equipment. The vessels are built to a very high standard, using high-quality materials and advanced equipment. Damen is also providing training to both the captains of the ASD 2310 tugs and to the senior mechanics on the main engines and other systems.”

A new maintenance resource on the Black Sea

To support the Delo Group with its new fleet of tugs, and also in recognition of the more than 30 Damenbuilt vessels now operating on the Black Sea, Damen has opened a new Service Hub to provide faster access to spare parts and more convenient maintenance and repairs. The hub opened at the start of 2018 and is conveniently situated at the Aleksino Port Marina Shipyard, a ship repair facility that is part of the Delo Group and also located in the Port of Novorossiysk. As part of the agreement the Damen team also provides technical assistance to the yard.


After six months in operation, Delevoy 1, 2 and 3 have performed well. “We are very happy with the work they have done so far,” concludes Igor. “The very low levels of noise and vibration are particularly noticeable. The expansion of our facilities in recent years and a focus on strengthening our position in a number of key sectors will ensure that they will continue to be kept busy and play an important role in helping us to achieve our objectives.”

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