DISCOVER Magazine #7

FMG Australia orders six Rotor Tugs

Published in category: Harbour & Terminal

Pilbara Marine, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fortescue Metals Group, has placed an order with Damen for six, 32 metre Rotor Tugs.

These will be deployed at the company’s operations at Port Hedland on Australia’s west coast, the world’s largest bulk export port. From there, FMG exports 165-170 million tonnes of iron ore per year. In May 2016 Pilbara Marine was awarded a second towage license for the port of Port Hedland and the new ART 85-32W rotor tugs will enable it to offer long-term, sustainable towage services.

The six tugs have been designed by Robert Allan Ltd. Their Rotor®Tug propulsion system features three azimuth thrusters that, together, deliver 85 tonnes of bollard pull over both the bow and the stern, and 65% from amidships. Additional benefits include enhanced manoeuvrability and braking, and engine and winch redundancy. The tugs will be built at Damen’s Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam for delivery between late 2018 and early 2019.

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