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EB Marine’S Stan Tug 1205

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Last year, Damen made it to Norway. An office opened up in Stavanger and a Stan Tug 1205 was sold to EB Marine, a family-owned diving company in Stavanger. A year later, Manager Torbjørn Erga reflects on the tug, now named Broltus.

Stavanger is a city known best for its offshore oil industry. The harbour is unavoidable for the occasional visitor; it’s where the best restaurants are, the cafés and bars and of course, the ships. However, EB Marine is situated outside of Stavanger. The view from the company is idyllic, with high mountains set against a clouded sky. The wind pushes the waves against the shore, typical Norwegian weather.

Truly compact with a lot of force

Mr Erga reflects on buying the Stan Tug 1205 from Damen last year. The tug is in Molde today helping with the construction of a bridge to bypass the fjord between Trondheim and Stavanger. “The bridge saves about 20 minutes on the road,” Erga explains. “That’s what we got Broltus for.”


A strong guy

The company was also happy to do business with Damen. “It was easier because there is a local office here in Stavanger. The first contact we had was with Remko Hottentot (Damen’s Sales Manager in Norway, ed.)”, he explains.

The boat is a bit bumpy when it’s windy in Molde, but other than that, EB Marine is very happy with the tug, according to Mr Erga. After the job in the North is done, Mr Erga will be taking the tug to pull pipes with ballast on to the place where they need to go. “If we take the Broltus, it’ll take us about 20 hours. If we take the other tug we have, it’ll take us twice as much time. I’ve never seen a small tugboat with this kind of power,” he explains.

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