DISCOVER Magazine #7

Damen Marine Components goes public with its winches

Published in category: Harbour & Terminal

After years of manufacturing its winches for exclusive distribution within the Damen Group, Damen Marine Components (DMC) is making them generally available to third-party shipyards and equipment suppliers for the first time. On offer is a full range of high quality, low maintenance escort, towing, anchor and tugger winches, and capstans.

Damen Marine Components has been producing winches on a commercial scale since 2010, however for many years prior to that date Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam had been maintaining and building highly-regarded winches for its fishing vessel clientele. Eight years ago, the decision was made to put that valuable knowledge and expertise to good use across the group in recognition that winches are often a vital component on board workboats.

In 2015, Damen Winch Technology was formed, bringing on board additional engineers and creating a dedicated unit with all its functions under one roof. This consolidation and expansion also enabled the full benefits of Damen’s expertise in standardisation to deliver better quality and lower costs to be realised.

Damen’s many years of experience as a leading builder and maintainer of vessels of all types can be seen in the design and build of all its winches. Not only are they capable and reliable, they are also simple to install and align, and service and spares are available at short notice on a worldwide basis.

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