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Ideal for busy ports
KOTUG chooses powerful and compact Damen ATD 2412

Fast growing towage company ‘KOTUG International’ has strengthened its tug fleet in Germany with the addition of the powerful and extremely manoeuvrable Damen Azimuth Tractor Drive tugs (ATD) 2412 twin-fin vessels.

Named ‘ZP Bulldog’ and ‘ZP Boxer’, the pair were urgently required and had to be supplied at very short notice due to KOTUG’s growth in the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven.

ZP Bulldog and ZP Boxer are now in service in the port of Hamburg, where agility and a high bollard pull are of paramount importance.

Fast delivery and quality were key factors in KOTUG choosing Damen. This order followed a successful contract in March 2012, when Damen had to deliver three ASD Tug 2810 shiphandling tugs – ‘SD Ranger’, ‘SD Rebel’ and ‘SD Rover’ – very quickly.

With its roots dating back more than 100 years, KOTUG has been operating azimuthing tractor tugs for more than two decades and the Dutch company is the inventor of the unique “Rotor Tug”. Headquartered in Rotterdam, KOTUG is well placed to appreciate the handling qualities and performance of the 2412 twin-fin vessels.

For such powerful tugs they are truly compact, giving them the ability to work in close proximity to modern ships with a flared bow and stern and to operate in confined spaces.

Coen Boudesteijn

The Damen ATD Tug 2412 is an extremely compact, highly manoeuvrable, tractor tug with two azimuthing propulsion units forward and the towing winch aft. The vessels have a length of 24.74 m and maximum beam of just 12.63 m.

Considerable research and development went into the final hull form. Unlike previous tractor tugs, the vessel has two fins aft in place of the usual skeg. Damen Research created an entirely new twin-fin concept. The fins are positioned in line with the propulsion units – one on either side – and give the tug excellent course stability without impairing its exceptional manoeuvrability and precise control.

Coen Boudesteijn, Product Director of the Tug Department at Damen, explains that Damen’s design philosophy for the ATD 2412 twin-fin and the highly successful ASD Tug 2411 has been to produce an extremely compact, “state-of-the-art” harbour tug capable of exerting its maximum towing force exactly where it is required during shiphandling operations. Both designs are equipped to operate in the push-pull mode and can change position during the towing operation safely, quickly and precisely.


“For such powerful tugs they are truly compact, giving them the ability to work in close proximity to modern ships with a flared bow and stern and to operate in confined spaces. And they are also specifically designed to offer excellent overhead clearance,” he emphasises.

ZP Bulldog and ZP Boxer are extremely powerful tugs for their small size. Two Caterpillar 3516C TA HD/D diesels generate a total of 5600 bhp at 1600 rev/min.

Unique performance levels were achieved during their extensive testing programme in Rotterdam. Unprecedented results were recorded where a bollard pull of 70 tonnes was achieved!

The tugs recorded a maximum free running speed ahead of 12.5 knots and 11.9 knots astern and they can go from full ahead to full astern within a ship’s length. A full 360-degree turn is achieved in 10 seconds and the tugs accelerate from 0 to 12.5 knots in record time. “With their spectacular agility and bollard pull the tugs are ideally suited to handling large ships in the confined waterways of Hamburg and similar busy ports!”


Length o.a.  – 24.74 m
Beam o.a. – 12.63 m
Depth at sides – 4.60 m
Power (total) – 4200 BKW
Bollard pull – 65 tonnes
Speed – 11 kts

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