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ASD Tug 2811

Published in category: Harbour & Terminal

Based on the highly successful Damen ASD Tug 2810, the production drawings are now ready for the ASD Tug 2811, which will be available early 2017.

Coen Boudesteijn, Damen Product Director Tugs, explains: “Damen’s ASD Tug 2810 is a well-known Damen standard; she has proved herself all over the world. It is a true multipurpose tug, suitable for coastal towage, harbour towage, salvage and firefighting duties. Now we are taking this successful standard to the next stage.”

Damen’s confidence in the new vessel is shown by the fact it will go straight into series production at the brand new shipyard, Damen Song Cam in Vietnam, where 17 ASD Tugs 2811 will be built annually.

Coen outlines the main differences and improvements of the new ASD Tug 2811. With a 65 tonnes bollard pull, the ASD Tug 2811 will offer even better stability, as it will have 60 cm of additional beam and consequently safety is also enhanced.

“Just like the ASD Tug 2810, she will be very powerful and manoeuvrable but she will have even more performance with a bigger Caterpillar engine, which is now boosted from 1860 Kw to 2000 Kw.”

The type will also have an entirely new wheelhouse compared to the ASD Tug 2810. There will be a total, optimised view as the front and aft panels provide a full vision wheelhouse whereby six windows are effectively combined into one large panel. Damen developed the new design using the very latest drawing techniques and 3D printing.

Ergonomically friendly, durable consoles are to be introduced entirely made from composites. More environmentally friendly lighting will be used, with low power LED lighting installed in the accommodation, as well as LED navigation lights. In line with the latest ILO standards, the vessel will have improved accommodation providing more comfort. This includes more daylight, less noise, larger lockers etc.

Damen recently developed a computer programme based on finite elements for noise measurement. This has allowed us to take another step forward in terms of gaining more knowledge about noise reduction and this can be seen in the new vessel, where a substantial reduction has been possible, he adds. “The ASD Tug 2811 really shows the hard work of our R&D Department, there is enormous craftsmanship involved. Reducing noise and vibrations is just one example.”

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