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BTÖ: serving the sound

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Michael Staufeldt, Swedish harbour towage company BogserTeam Öresund

ASD Tug 2810 fits the bill for feet renewal

Michael Staufeldt
Chief Operating Officer

As part of its fleet renewal programme, Swedish harbour towage company BogserTeam Öresund (BTÖ) took delivery of its new Damen ASD Tug 2810 in June 2016. After several months of escorting and towage duties, Chief Operating Officer Michael Staufeldt assesses the new tug’s powerful performance.

As a part of the MarCon Group, BTÖ provides port towage services to vessels sailing in and through the Öresund Strait between Sweden and Denmark. The area, known locally as ‘The Sound’, includes the Swedish ports of Malmö, Landskrona and Helsingborg as well as Copenhagen and Køge on the Danish side of the Strait.

BTÖ’s primary reason for purchasing a new tug was its fleet renewal programme: “For many years we have been operating with two tugs, but in order to keep up with developments in our operating area, we were on the lookout for a new and stronger tug,” opens Mr Staufeldt. There are a lot of things that make a new modern tug with new technology a better tool. They are more agile and more powerful in terms of bollard pull. And they are easier to maintain and more economical. Looking for a powerful tug suited for port towage operations, BTÖ selected a Damen ASD Tug 2810 as vessel of choice.

Of course this is a major investment, but it is a longterm investment. Our operations have expanded so much that we needed a new tug.

The only modifications to the standard ASD Tug 2810 design specified by the company were to bring the vessel into line with Swedish Flag regulations.

A sure upgrade

The new tug, named Sund Av Malmö, has found her niche, particularly working in bow to bow operations: “In this situation we see her as a highly manoeuvrable vessel. And, of course, in circumstances requiring only one tug, she is the preferred vessel. We have a similar-sized tug that was built in 1988 which has a 44-tonnes bollard pull. The Sund Av Malmö, however, has the same physical dimensions but is considerably faster and more agile due to her stronger engines and new propellers and hull design.” Indeed, the new 28-metre tug has a bollard pull of 61.2 tonnes. This is provided by a total power output of 5,000 bhp (@1,600 rpm) and 2.4-metre diameter propellers. Such performance can also be utilised in the form of braking power; a worthwhile trait considering that most of the harbours along the Öresund Strait are compact with manoeuvres involving some tight turns.

In terms of braking power, the Sund Av Malmö is very, very strong with 30-50% more braking power than our other vessels.

Optimising design

With the vessel in operation for several months, the feedback that Mr Staufeldt has heard from the company’s captains is that the Sund Av Malmö is a very fast tug. As COO, he is also in a good position to talk about the after sales care provided by Damen: “There were some minor issues to sort out, but we have a positive experience of Damen’s handling of claims and procedures, so, in that respect, we feel like we get the
feedback and response that we require.”

Damen tugs have benefited from extensive client feedback over the years; the Dutch company has acted on customer comments by optimising various design elements. The Sund Av Malmö is an example of how these improvements are experienced by crew members.

During our shipmate training programme, we have found that this new vessel is a lot easier to operate. There is a lot of space with no obstacles – and everything is well marked. This simplicity makes things easier and safer to use.

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