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Reylaver welcomes new ASD 2411 to the fold

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Antonio_Centeno_Pedroza_General_Advisor_ReylaverAntonio Centeno Pedroza
General Advisor

Reylaver is a family-owned Mexican harbour towage, pilotage and mooring service provider. Operating in the port of Veracruz on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, the company has its sights on future opportunities based on in-house studies as well as advice from specialist external consultancies.

“In accordance with the port’s Master Development Plan, we have an understanding of how operations in the port are going to develop. This is in terms of the quantity and type of visiting vessels. And, therefore, the type of tugboats required to handle them,” says Antonio Centeno Pedroza, General Advisor of Reylaver.

With this information at hand, Reylaver made the decision to expand its operations with the purchase of a third tug: a Damen ASD 2411M. The new vessel, named Jesús, was not Reylaver’s first Damen tug. The company took delivery of the 30-metre, 55-tonnes BP, Don Carlos back in 1998, which, according to Antonio Centeno Pedroza is still operating optimally.

With 70 tonnes of bollard pull packed into a 24 metre long vessel, the ASD 2411 Jesus is known for its outstanding power to size ratio. As such, it is a preferred vessel for harbour operations. “First of all, the vessel’s physical characteristics of beam, length and power make it ideal for our work here. It corresponds fully to the technical requirements laid down by the Veracruz Port Authority. And secondly, having previously worked with Damen’s regional sales team, we appreciate the quality and back up support that they provide.”

Construction of the Jesús took place at Damen Shipyards Changde in China. The vessel was delivered on her own keel by Captain Jaap de Jong and crew on a 10,500 nautical mile journey that is also described in this Journal.

After almost a year of active service in the port of Veracruz, Reylaver is certainly qualified to give a status report regarding the new vessel’s performance. “Under the expectations that we decided to entrust the construction to Damen, Jesus is operating very well. In addition to the dimensions and power, the vessel’s manoeuvrability and agile response of steering are also definitely worth mentioning. This has allowed us to fully comply with technical towage criteria as well as providing support for non-selfpropelled vessels such as barges and pontoons.”

Focusing once more on future operations, Antonio Centeno Pedroza is very optimistic. “We have registered a number of new clients while maintaining our core customer base. And on top of this, our service provision contract with the Veracruz Port Authority has been extended – fully empowering Reylaver to continue operations in the port, daily attentive to its prospects and requirements in the scope of our activities”.

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