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Versatile Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) range

New Cutter Suction Dredger 650 joins the standard series

A new, larger and more powerful Cutter Suction Dredger is nearing completion at Damen Dredging Equipment: the Damen CSD650, which joins the highly successful Standard Series.

In a response to customer demand for larger dredgers in the mid-sized sector, Damen Dredging Equipment has developed the CSD650, which is an extremely robust dredger, capable of handling a wide range of work. The new vessel, which will be available mid 2013, represents quite a leap in cutter power, with the CSD650 having 600kW (in comparison the CSD500 has 180kW).

Large dredger – small crew
Primarily, the new dredger is designed for the maintenance, sand mining and minerals market in coastal areas. The CSD650 is all about strength and durability, being heavier built with thicker steel plating and it can easily handle highly compacted material. And despite being larger, the dredger can still be operated by a relatively small crew.

The vessel is equipped with an in-house designed 650 mm dredge pump, which has a mixture capacity of 7,000 m3/h and can work in depths of up to 18 m. A submerged dredge pump installation for work up to a 22 m cutter depth is optional. The dredgers impressive swing width is 62.8 m, making it an extremely efficient dredging tool.

The CSD650 has been designed to be very fuel-efficient and has the latest Caterpillar engines fitted as standard. Anchor boom installations and spud carriages are included in the new standard. Options such as accommodation units, deck cranes, stern swivel/swivel hoses and instrumentation packages will be kept on stock.

Build worldwide, operate worldwide
Damen Dredging Equipment is building the CSD650 for stock to facilitate short delivery times. Although the first vessel is being built in the Netherlands, it could be built anywhere in the world and because it is dismountable, it can be transported easily.

Pumps & packages


Damen delivers – from a single pump to full dredging packages
Damen Dredging Equipment delivers an extensive range of trailing pipe packages, which can be mounted on new or existing vessels. These packages, which range in size and can have a suction pipe diameter up to 900 mm, are also supplied to third-party shipyards.

In addition Damen can deliver dredge pumps for every dredging situation: low pressure dredge pumps for hopper loading, medium pressure for when there is only room for one pump which has to fill and discharge the cargo, and high pressure dredge pumps for discharging the sand cargo over significant distances (up to 1,000 m possible with a single pump).

DOP® submersible dredge pump


Versatile tool for more than 20 years
The Damen DOP® submersible dredge pump is particularly popular, being a versatile tool fit for every challenging job. This proven design has been in use around the globe for over 20 years.

The compact, wear-resistant, hydraulically or electrically driven dredge pump, can be supplied with different suction heads to suit the job. The DOP can be attached to the boom of an excavator and run on the excavator’s hydraulics or be suspended by a wire from a crane. Operating depths can vary and can even be up to 1,000 m. DOPs can also be used as mobile booster stations.

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers


All about efficiency
Damen’s Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) is designed as a dedicated maintenance dredger, with its main purpose to keep ports and navigation channels at the right depth. The TSHD Series comprises six medium sized vessels with capacities ranging from 500 cu m to 2,500 m3. Each standard TSHD can be adapted to maximise its operational efficiency for a specific job site by using a wide variety of options.

Standard options include a hopper stripping system, a self-emptying system with bow coupling, degassing system, telescopic overflow and instrumentation packages. A state-of-the-art monitoring and control system is also available.

In 2012, Damen Dredging Equipment delivered two TSHD750 for new customers in the Ukraine, Delta Pilot and Mariupol Sea Trade Port. In addition, a large, 2,500 M3 TSHD is being built in Indonesia for a local contractor for a harbour and navigation channel maintenance project.

CSD500 ‘25th of January’ – Egypt


Prefabricated shipbuilding kit
Canal Naval Constructions Co (CNC) of Port Fouad (Egypt) built a CSD500 using Damen drawings and a prefabricated shipbuilding kit containing all the vital components such as the dredge pump and control cabin etc. The dredger was customised with a large number of options, such as a jib crane, navigation lights, a communication package, air conditioning, a bilge pump, heavier fenders, afire fighting installation and a 500L fresh water tank. The ’25th of January’ received Bureau Veritas Class approval and is the second Damen dredger for the Egyptian General Authority for Fish Resources Development. Both vessels will operate in the northern lakes of Manzala, Burullus and Bardawil.

CSD450 ‘FEN HE’ – China


Delivery in 3 weeks
FEN HE, a standard CSD450, was delivered from stock within three weeks! The stationary dredger will work near Taiyuan, northern China, where it will perform maintenance work on the River Fen. Its main functions are cleaning the polluted riverbed, keeping the river navigable and preventing flooding.

Three CSD500 for Azerbaijan


Cleaning the rivers day and night
In 2012, Damen delivered three CSD500 to the Ministry of Emergency Situation of Azerbaijan in Baku. The dredgers will be used to clean and maintain the water system of the Kura River. The Damen dredgers can work up to a maximum dredging depth of 14 m and are able to pump 4,000 m3/h of water/soil mixture per hour. For the best efficiency, safety and comfortable working conditions the dredgers are outfitted with a large number of options including anchor booms and spud carriage pontoons, as well as day and night accommodation.

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