DISCOVER Magazine #7

Veracel Celulose uses DOP250 to maintain the flow

Published in category: Dredging & Marine Contracting

Veracel Celulose, the Brazil-based pulp manufacturer, has enlisted Damen’s support in its quest to maintain sufficient depth at its maritime terminal. Veracel and Damen jointly evaluated the on-site situation in order to develop the correct situation.


This turned out to be a DOP250 submersible dredge pump and a Booster Station BS250. To increase efficiency, the DOP is equipped with a mining head fitted with jet water nozzles, specially designed to loosen the sand. The pressurised water is delivered to the nozzles by a separate diesel driven jet water set. The DOP pumps the dredged material over a distance of 450 metres to the booster station, which transports the mixture a further 800 metres to the designated discharge site.

Veracel has ordered a production measuring unit (PMU) as an add-on to the equipment. The PMU will enable Veracel to measure dry sand production in real time, increasing efficiency yet further.

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