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¡VAMOS! Irish demo success

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On the 24th of October the ¡VAMOS! technology Demonstration Day took place at the Magcobar flooded mine pit, in Silvermines, Ireland. In total 85 visitors participated in the field demonstration to raise awareness of the innovative nature of the ¡VAMOS! technology with stakeholders and local communities.

Featuring a total of sixteen partners from nine EU countries, ¡VAMOS! seeks to address the EU’s need for raw materials, by making possible the extraction of mineral deposits from inland water-bearing areas. To reach this aim, the partners have developed a system whereby a remotely operated mining vehicle is launched from a waterborne carriage. Damen Dredging Equipment, being one of the main industrial partners within the ¡VAMOS! Consortium designed and built the launch & recovery vessel, plus the slurry system on board of the mining vehicle.

“The ¡VAMOS! team have successfully demonstrated their ability to use the prototype mining system in very hard rock. State-of-the-art electronics and visualisation have been used to control the operations. All this was done with great consciousness and care for safety, the environment and involvement of local stakeholders,” said Sander Steenbrink, general manager corporate research and development at Boskalis and Advisory Board member for the ¡VAMOS! Project.

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European flag This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 642477
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