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Rosmorport orders sixth Damen Dredger

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Marc_Tijssen_Sales_Manager_DSGrMarc Tijssen
Sales Manager
Damen Shipyards Group

On 22 September 2017 Damen Shipyards Group signed a contract with LLC ‘Onego Shipyard’ to build a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) 2000. The yard, based in Petrozavodsk, Russia, will construct the vessel for Rosmorport, the Russian Port Agency FSUE.

Upon delivery – due in 2019 – Rosmorport will have six Damen dredgers operating in its fleet, as well as a number of Damen workboats. The other dredgers are a CSD 650, three TSHDs 1000 and another TSHD 2000, the Severniya Dvina.

The Severniya Dvina was delivered to Rosmorport last year and is the sister vessel of the TSHD now under construction. The Severniya Dvina was the first TSHD to be built under Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) supervision in 30 years. Both TSHDs are required to operate in Russia’s Northern Region, maintaining navigation channels. To ensure their suitability for operating in the region – where air temperatures can vary between 40 degrees C and -30 degrees C – Damen, in close consultation with the client, has tailored the design of its standardised TSHD 2000. Included in the customisation of the TSHDs is a reinforced bow with ICE1 notation, which enables the dredgers to operate in water approaching freezing point.

Like the Severniya Dvina, the new TSHD will be outfitted with a complete Damen Dredging Equipment dredge and instrumentation package. This ensures the dredgers’ efficiency in operation and ease of maintenance. The package includes a Ø600 mm trailing pipe and hydraulic winches, a low pressure Damen inboard dredge pump for the most efficient hopper loading process, telescopic overflow and 5 rod-actuated bottom doors.

Key specifications for the Damen TSHD 2000 include a Hopper capacity of 2,000 m3, a length overall of 80.35 metres, a beam of 16.2 metres and a dredging draught of 5.1 metres. Trailing dredging depth is -22 metres. The vessel offers accommodation for 12 crew.


The latest vessel will be further tailored. Damen has been in close contact with Rosmorport to identify additional requirements for the new vessel – included in this is a self-emptying system for bow discharge. Damen Sales Manager Marc Tijssen explains Damen’s approach to customising its standard designs, offering its clients of combination of proven technology and flexibility: “We can always accommodate client modifications to our vessel designs. After all, our clients have the operational experience in their particular working environment. We use that valuable information to optimise our designs in order to meet those specific needs.”

Damen has a lot of experience with providing support for the building of its vessels at non-Damen yards. The Severniya Dvina was built at the Song Thu Shipyard in Vietnam. Damen will provide support for the construction of the new dredger, as Mr Tijssen explains: “In this particular case, we will providing the design and materials package to Onego Shipyard. And, because transfer of knowledge and technology is a key aspect of the DTC formula, we will also be ready to deliver any assistance during the build process.”

Speaking of the relationship between Damen and the client and partner yard, Mr Tijssen said, “We are extremely proud of how our business relationship with Rosmorport and Onego Shipyards has grown over the years,” notes Mr Tijssen. “And of course we are looking forward to forming closer working ties with Onego Shipyard in the near future.”

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