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Nearly 20 years on, Hunan Xingyu Construction Company’s Damen CSD450 is still going strong

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Qian_Xiao_General_Manager_Hunan_Xingyu_ConstructionQian Xiao
General Manager
Hunan Xingyu Construction

Hunan Xingyu Construction Co., Ltd. is still finding plenty of projects for its Damen Cutter Suction Dredger 450, more than 17 years after this robust dredger was built.

The CSD450 was actually the first dredger Damen built in China. With a production rate of 3000 m3/h the heavy-duty, CSD450 can dredge to depths of 12 metres. The dredger was built locally in China at Damen Shipyards Changde and customised to Chinese requirements. Damen aims to build dredgers for the local market, applying the same Damen quality standards used all over the world.


Major river cleaning project

Just recently, Hunan Xingyu Construction’s Damen CSD450 has completed an eight-month long river cleaning project where it dredged a total of 2.7 million cubic metres, in depths of up to 4 metres. The Xinxingzui river dredging and embankment reinforcement/construction project began in March.


Hunan Xingyu Construction specialises in water conservancy and hydropower projects, dredging and filling projects, housing construction, port channel engineering, municipal, highway engineering, electrical installation works and irrigation electrical and mechanical engineering, amongst other specialties.

Hunan Xingyu Construction’s General Manager Qian Xiao explains that the dredging of the Xinxingzui river followed on from a broad range of projects over the last two decades. “The versatility of the Damen dredger is highlighted by many diverse projects.” These include the Hanshou XinXingZui replenishing project (1999), Changde Cowhoo beach nourishment project (2001), Nanchang Honggu Tan dredging project (2004), Changchun Cowboy Beach replenishment project (2001), Nanchang Honggu Tan replenishing project (2004) Changde City, Wuling District, (2014), Yuanshui line embankment filling and compressing project (2005) and the Hanshou County Yuannan embankment project.

It is very important that the CSD450 is an easily dismountable vessel, he stresses. The entire vessel can be dismantled and contained in seven trailers. “It has been vital to be able to move this vessel easily between different jobs in the last 20 years.”

Range of options

The Damen CSD450 also has a range of options that can always be added on as well, such as the spud carriage, anchor boom, automation or survey software, even after many years in operation. Commenting on the vessel’s longevity, Mr Xiao says: “Our company carries out regular inspections of the main equipment, checks the data from the monitoring instruments frequently and tackles the problem at once.” Damen also makes it straightforward to replace parts such as the cutter teeth and the dredge pump cast wear parts.


This has certainly helped keep the vessel running smoothly over the years. “In addition it is very important to have extensive operational and maintenance experience: the operator must be familiar with the rules of safe operation.”

Mr Xiao says: “We are very satisfied with our Damen vessel, so much so that we are considering ordering a second dredger with Damen, again with a dismountable CSD with similar production levels.”

To facilitate a quick delivery to clients, the Damen CSD450 is in stock. The total installed power of 941 kW ensures that all functions on board can work independently and simultaneously. The heavy-duty, 80 kN side wire winches ensure efficient dredging operations at any location.

In stock

Efficiency of the CSD450 is optimised as its swing width is 34 metres, due to the long and spacious pontoons.

The vessel has a total weight of 115 tonnes and a pipe diameter of 450 millimetres and is equipped with a depth indicator and vacuum/pressure indicator for the dredge pump.

A spacious, ergonomically designed control cabin (including air conditioning and heating) is another important factor. Additionally, the Damen CSD500 is currently built in China and available from stock.

Additionally, the Damen CSD500 is currently built in China and available from stock.

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