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Introducing the Damen DOP shop

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Online shopping for the global dredging industry

“The aim of the DOP shop is to make the whole process of ordering products and parts – from A to Z – a lot smoother and quicker,” begins Michel Brouerius van Nidek, Damen Project Manager E-Commerce. He is talking about the launch of Damen’s online purchasing platform, the DOP shop, that is dedicated to the sales of dredge pumps and associated spare parts. “With only a few clicks customers can view the product range, fill their shopping carts and order their products online.”

In addition to the full selection of DOP pumps (with capacities ranging from 600 m3/h up to 4,000 m3/h), the webshop also offers auxiliary systems such as hydraulic power packs and jet water sets, as well as accessories and spare parts.

DOP Shop landing page

Enabling efficiency

Damen’s first product webshop is closely aligned to the significance of productivity in the dredging sector. “Efficiency is the key – and the DOP shop will go towards enabling a more efficient supply chain. One that maximizes production and uptime in our clients’ projects.”

Clients visiting the DOP shop for the first time will immediately notice a very logical and straightforward layout. When designing the website, Damen concentrated on creating a transparent and open structure in relation to pricing and delivery times. “All this information is very clearly presented; a fact that will be as important to potential clients as it is to existing clients.”

What is the Damen DOP shop?

A web-based shop offering the entire range of Damen DOP dredge pumps as well as related accessories, auxiliary systems and spare parts. This includes documentation sets, hydraulic motors, bearing housings, suction heads, gear oil and impellers.

Damen Product Director Dredging Olivier Marcus: “There are so many variables in dredging, it can be difficult to select the right product. Our ultimate aim is to help customers with our knowledge and products in the most efficient way to make them more successful. The DOP Shop is about connecting clients with the right tool.”

Safe shopping

Shipping costs are also shown; with clients having the option between DHL delivery, or delivery direct to Damen Dredging Equipment in Nijkerk, the Netherlands. For secure transactions, the website has been embedded with an authentication module. Payments can be made using VISA and MasterCard, and additionally, Dutch customers also have the possibility of paying with iDeal.

“We have also included the possibility of a chat function – the same as with the main Damen website – which we can activate if we see that clients need more support during the purchasing process.”

Global potential

Talking about the fact that the DOP shop is a newly launched platform, Michel says:

An e-commerce application like this is very interesting for the maritime market. In that respect we are the first company to introduce this type of concept.

It is self-evident that a webshop has the potential to reach a global client base. “Indeed, we can see that the first client account originated from a Peruvian company. And I was speaking to a client in Australia the other day. For him, online purchasing was not the only advantage; online invoicing was also a great time saver.”


Ideas for the future

Damen would not be the company that it is today without constantly thinking multiple steps ahead about the various possibilities that will arise in the future. This is also the case with the DOP shop. “Our range of DOP pumps is not the only part of our portfolio that is well suited to an online purchasing platform. Other excellent examples are the diverse products within the Damen Group. This includes winches and nozzles from Damen Marine Components, or products from Damen Anchor & Chain.”

Another idea that Damen has for the future is to combine the DOP shop with other areas of Damen Services; with a link to Remote Monitoring, for example. “This is a very complex situation, but we are thinking about it already,” notes Michel. “Remote monitoring indicates a need for a part replacement, and this is tied in with the DOP shop. If you’re talking about added value, then this is a very good example. The client would be truly unburdened.”

DOP Submesible Dredge Pump

DOP Submersible Dredge Pump

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