DISCOVER Magazine #7

Dredge pumps: dressing for success

Published in category: Dredging & Marine Contracting

Up to now, fitting a dredge pump with a second outer pump casing has meant a huge, heavy steel cover. However, pioneering research by Damen R&D engineers has resulted in a patented pump cover that can be zipped onto a dredge pump effortlessly.

The new DynaCover is made of finely woven super strong Dyneema fibres, which can be mounted around any existing cast pump casing at 10% the weight of a similar steel casing. Moreover, the limited size of the cover results in a lower position of the entire dredge pump, which is favourable for the dredge pump’s suction properties. Around the Dyneema cover, a NOMEX outer cover is zipped. The innovative zip design not only ensures simple mounting, but also acts as detector for a burst inner pump casing.


Dyneema fibre is also used for making robust protective equipment. The technology for these super fibres comes from Proteq – a company specialised in the production of bulletproof vests. The advantages of this man-made material are many and varied, with inert material and therefore seawater proof and fully recyclable.

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