DISCOVER Magazine #7

Damen unveils electric DOP

Published in category: Dredging & Marine Contracting

Damen Dredging Equipment has recently unveiled its new electrically-driven EDOP pump. The Damen DOP pump has enjoyed success in the dredging industry since its introduction 25 years ago. It is a wear-resistant, robust tool suited to diverse dredging projects. The new, electrical DOP pump is every bit as capable as the hydraulic predecessor; this development gives the DOP pump added versatility to be more applicable to even more projects.


The new system draws on recent advances in electric motor technology. The EDOP provides dredging operators the flexibility to carry out projects where clean and quiet operations are required. Possible applications include hydroelectric dams, where the power is already present, residential areas where low noise levels are vital or environmentally sensitive areas where the use of oils is not allowed.

The EDOP boasts a 93% drive efficiency. Due to swift connection to power connectors, operators can install the system in their projects as a ‘plug and play’ configuration. Using wireless control connections, the whole system can be remote-controlled from a distance. The newly-introduced EDOP pump can be powered by a generator set, resulting in quiet operations.

Just as the hydraulically driven DOP has done for the past decades, the EDOP is likely to fan out over the globe on every kind of dredging job imaginable.

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