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A world standard in just one year

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A year after its launch the Damen Stan Patrol 5009 is proving popular worldwide

Unrivalled seakeeping ability

Launched just a year ago, Damen’s unique 50 m patrol vessel, the ‘Sea Axe’ Stan Patrol 5009 is proving attractive to navies, coastguards and commercial security companies worldwide. The vessel’s superb Axe bow design gives the Stan Patrol 5009 unrivalled seakeeping ability.

Cape Verde became the first country to welcome the ‘Sea Axe’ Stan Patrol 5009 when the Ministry of Transport took delivery in December 2011. The vessel is successfully deployed patrolling Cape Verde’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), carrying out Search & Rescue operations, salvage, patrol and anti-smuggling activities.

Jaap Gelling, Damen Product Director High Speed Craft, says that initially the Ministry of Transport was considering a Stan Patrol 4207, but actually wanted a larger vessel such as the Stan Patrol 4708. This Damen design had just been selected by the US Coast Guard, which is currently having a staggering 58 built in the US! (see article on Licensing on page 108). However, as a standard within Damen, this vessel was already replaced by the ‘Sea Axe’ Stan Patrol 5009.

“In our discussions in Cape Verde we agreed that the Stan Patrol 4207 might be too small for their operations. The combination of the number of crew, time at sea and range was indeed pushing the limits of the Stan Patrol 4207 too far.”

“In close cooperation with our customer, the design was adapted to fit their exact requirements.”

Excellent seakeeping

“Instead of offering the ‘big sister’, the Stan Patrol 4708, we suggested the state-of-the-art ‘Sea Axe’ Stan Patrol 5009. In close cooperation with our customer, the design was adapted to fit their requirements and a smaller engine type was selected to get the vessel within the budgetary limits (four Caterpillar C32’s instead of 3516’s).

“Although we were initially expecting a significant drop in speed from 26 knots to approximately 20 knots because of the smaller engines, we found out that the reduction in weight partly compensated, resulting in a trial speed of 23 knots. Our customer was delighted to have a much bigger spacious boat, with excellent seakeeping, offering great value for money.”

And with the 50 m now becoming a standard design, a 55 m Stan Patrol standard is expected to follow after an order for two vessels from Guardia di Finanza (the Italian Ministry of Finance), a new customer for Damen. The two vessels are now under construction in Italy and will be delivered in 2013.

New 55 m Stan Patrol

Guardia di Finanza was keen to have something slightly larger than the 50 m and it originally had a preference for an aluminium vessel. However Damen, supported by years of experience with aluminium vessels, was able to show Guardia di Finanza that there are considerable problems with aluminium fatigue in larger, 40 m plus, vessels.

Naturally speed is of the essence when patrolling and with speeds of 30+ knots needed, a light hull is vital. Damen Research has developed a calculation method to estimate the fatigue life of aluminium vessels. From calculations with this extremely useful tool, it was concluded that over a length of 40 m, steel vessels could be built much lighter than aluminium vessels – and for the same fatigue life. “As well as this, the lighter steel vessel is a lot cheaper, an argument appreciated by our customers too!” adds Mr Gelling.

Damen is seeing a great deal of interest in the new ‘Sea Axe’ Stan Patrols and expects to receive orders soon for more than 10 vessels from various customers worldwide. With such keen demand, Damen is already building two for stock.

Damen Stan Patrol 5009
Length o.a.              50.2 m
Speed range           23 – 35 kn
Crew                       24
Hull Construction   Steel

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