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Damen licences prove a popular choice

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Licence to build

Although technically possible, there can be instances when a Damen vessel cannot be built at the client’s preferred location via DTC’s material packages. When this is the case, there’s another, increasingly popular, solution: licences.

For instance, because of the Jones Act in the US no foreign built vessels are allowed to be imported, but DTC sells a lot of licence agreements there. Jan van Hogerwou, Damen Sales Manager Americas, says: “We can’t deliver to the US, yet there is an enormous market there, so we are happy to make our designs available.”

And it is not just the US that has vast potential. He adds that in Canada there is a 25% import duty, therefore this makes the licensing option attractive. Damen is currently working with yards in Canada that are interested in building its tug designs.

76 Offshore Patrol Vessels

The Damen licensing system is already a well-known concept in the US. The United States Coast Guard has 76 OPVs in its fleet (the 87-feet or Marine Protector Class) that were built under a Damen licence at Bollinger Shipyards.

‘Parent hulls’ for Bollinger

And recently, Damen has been awarded another contract to provide a licence for the first 18 of 58 Fast Response Cutters by Bollinger, which will also be for the USCG. This agreement concerns the Damen Stan Patrol 4708. The first three boats have been delivered and eight are under construction. “The USCG was looking for a ‘parent hull’, in other words a proven design concept, and we were one of the few yards that could provide this,” says Mr Van Hogerwou.

“The Damen Stan Patrol 4708 is a very good design and based on an Enlarged Ship Concept from the highly successful 26 m (87ft) smaller version. Therefore the USCG is very familiar with our design features.” Bollinger is building the Damen Stan Patrol 4708 in batches of six units and is on schedule to fulfil the order for the entire fleet of 58 vessels.

80 crewboats in 24 months

And in October last year at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans, Damen was delighted to sign licence agreements for a staggering 80 crewboats. The Damen crewboats will be built at three yards in the US, all of which are new customers to Damen.

Forty of the Fast Crew Suppliers (FCS) 1204 will be built by Horizon Shipbuilding, which is based in Bayou La Batre in Alabama, alongside C&G of Mobile, Alabama. Fifteen FCS 1204 will be built by TY Offshore, part of Trinity Offshore of New Orleans, and 25 FCS 1605 at Blount Boats, Rhode Island. Damen is providing both the drawings and some components and all of the vessels need to be delivered in just 24 months! “It was very important that these vessels were built in the US and Damen was prepared to team up with the US yards and support them with our technical know-how,” emphasises Mr Van Hogerwou.

Meanwhile in Canada, nine Coast Guard vessels (Damen Stan Patrol 4207) are being built at Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, the major shipyard on the east coast, of which the first three have been delivered. Irving Shipbuilding is a new customer and selected Damen’s design following a tender process. “Canada is a growing market for Damen and we are not just looking at patrol vessels but at tugs and offshore vessels as well.” In addition, Damen is supplying the licence for the Damen Stan Patrol 4207 and the drawings and full materials for the Stan Patrol 4207 to a shipyard in Mexico.

Licensing options

Damen has three licensing packages available, one providing the basic design lines, plan and weight calculations, a second where all the drawings have been approved by Class and a third, including the detailed engineering and production information. “These are popular with yards that do not have their own engineering departments. And a huge advantage for customers choosing Damen’s designs is that often even drawing offices that supply vessel designs do not actually have building experience, whereas we have all the feedback from the thousands of vessels we have built, so we are continually improving designs,” stresses Mr Van Drenth, Product Director DTC.

“Customers make use of our proven designs because we have built most vessels many, many times. They have our entire engineering department at their disposal and know they have a reliable, proven design.”

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