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Angola protects rich fishing grounds with Damen Inspection Surveillance Vessels


As Angola rebuilds its economy after the devastating civil war it urgently needed assistance in protecting its rich fishing grounds and fish stock.

Damen provides the ideal solution to patrol West Africa’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and 1,600 km of Angolan coastline. The Angolan government ordered two 62 m Fishery Inspection Surveillance Vessel (FISV) 6210 and a smaller Fishery Research Vessel (FRV 2808) in March 2011.

Less than two years after the order was officially placed, the trio have already been delivered. Friso Visser, Damen Regional Director Africa comments: “Because these are based on successful proven designs, Damen was able to offer very short delivery times for all three vessels.”

The Angolan Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries will deploy the vessels to help establish a MONICAP vessel tracking and surveillance system so it can tackle illegal fishing. Under a SADC regional programme Angola collaborates with Namibia and South Africa to protect and survey these vast fishing grounds. The larger vessels are equipped with a helipad.

Proven design leads to short delivery times.

Ideal for patrolling EEZ

“These vessels have really shown to be an ideal solution for patrolling an EEZ. The Damen FISV 6210 has low operational costs and are very fuel efficient, have a competitive purchase price and crucially, are easy to maintain. Overall, they provide a reasonable Total Cost of Ownership for customers making them interesting for countries that have a duty to patrol an EEZ.”

The two FISV 6210 have been built at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania, while the Damen FRV 2808 has been built at Damen Shipyards Cape Town. “We are building in Africa for Africa,” stresses Mr Visser.


Excellent cooperation

In addition to commissioning, Damen is carrying out a 15 day training programme for each vessel in Angola.

Damen has been active in Angola for several decades and has previously built two ferries, several tugboats, dredgers and offshore related vessels for the country. “We have a very good relationship with the Angolan Government and cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Fisheries during the whole project has been excellent.”

This threefold order came about following a unique collaboration between Damen, the Dutch Government and ING Bank. Because of its “Least Developed Country” status, Angola qualified for a Dutch government grant (O.R.E.T.). ING Bank provided the export financing and Atradius DSB secured the export credit insurance.

FISV 6210
Length o.a. 61,94 m
Speed (at 3.10 m draught) 18 kn
Crew 45
Hull Construction Steel
Propulsion Diesel direct incl. CPP
Helicopter deck for 3 tonnes helicopter

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