DISCOVER Magazine #7

Damen Trading

Published in category: Markets

Opening up global markets for second-hand sales

Damen Trading is the department within Damen Marine Services responsible for buying and selling second-hand vessels. Offering realistic trade-in opportunities to clients looking to purchase a new Damen vessel is an important part of their work.

When selling a vessel, Damen Trading has global exposure. In addition to committed client focus, the team it is also backed up by Damen’s own sales network. “We let the sales teams know what vessels we have on our books,” says Sales Manager Michel Radjiman. “So clients have access to market coverage that is far greater than any other broker.”

When buying a second-hand vessel, customers have access to the other services that Damen offers. “Modifications and conversions – if you need extra equipment, like cranes or additional towing gear, installed on your second-hand vessel, then we can take care of that too.” With over 500 vessels passing through their hands since 1986, the team has built up valuable experience.

Unlike many brokers, Damen Trading also handles vessel transport and delivery. “Everything that the organization provides with new vessels, we can offer with  second hand boats. It’s like one big puzzle that falls into place.”

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