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Damen Shiprepair & Conversion shows its versatility in 2015

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Since its formation in 2012, Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) has made substantial progress towards becoming a single unified group. The integration process continues to this day, not least because we have acquired a further six yards since then, and it is delivering high levels of efficiency and consistency as well as harnessing the power of the Damen brand.

The past year has been a successful one with a wide range of projects keeping our yards busy. This can be attributed to a range of factors, not least the high quality standards that we set ourselves and the investment that we have made in recruiting and training the best project managers. Our customers also benefit from the purchasing power that the group has thanks to its size and the emphasis that we place on safety, where we are determined to make the yards of DSC among the safest places to work anywhere in the industry. The DSC global sales network, providing our customers with local service wherever they may be, has also played an important role in supporting existing clients and winning new ones.

We continue to develop new ways of providing repair and maintenance services that minimise vessel downtime. One of these is our recently-established Harbour and Voyage Repairs department, which aims to deliver almost any repair, anytime, to wherever a vessel may be using mobile repair teams drawing on the resources of our yards and service hubs.

Environmental footprint
Our commitment to sustainability is also key to our working practises. Our customers expect us to minimise our environmental footprint as a matter of course, and we owe it to our local communities to be a good neighbour. This commitment to the environment extends to the products that we sell. We have developed our own ballast water treatment solutions for retrofits, which we offer alongside other, third-party solutions. We are also active in fi tting CO² scrubbers to larger vessels, with recent contracts including installations on board four large RoRo ferries.

Over 1,500 projects in 12 months
Over the last year, the 1,500 or so projects on which we have worked have included a wide range of vessels and projects. These include some of the largest ships in the world such as the 397-metre container vessel Emma Maersk and the Norwegian Epic, at 329-metres the sixth largest cruise ship. The FPSO Petrojarl 1 is also nearing completion of a 16-month EPC redeployment upgrade at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam. Ferries, trawlers, research vessels, crane ships, heavy-lift vessels, bulk carriers and a RNLN submarine support ship, the HNMLS Mercuur, are just some of the other classes of vessel that passed through our 14 yards in 2015-16.


Our ambitions for the future include building on the experience that we have developed recently in the maintenance and repair of cruise ships. In addition to the Norwegian Epic project we have also carried out extensive works on four more cruise ships. This experience combined with our high quality and conveniently located shipyards, which have some of the largest dry docks in Europe, puts us in a strong position to present a strong case to cruise ship owners and operators. We also aim to win more work on LNG carriers. Damen Shiprepair Brest has particular expertise in this area and dry docks up to 420 by 80 metres. With LNG expected to have a bright future as a clean fuel, and with only a limited number of yards in Europe capable of undertaking such projects, we are optimistic regarding our prospects.

DSC is not all about servicing the largest vessels. We are also very active in the fishing boat sector and our smaller yards provide services to inland and coastal vessels, workboats, yachts and other ship types up to around 120 metres in length. They tend to have a more local focus, but by sharing in the purchasing power of the group they can offer very competitive pricing.

We look with confidence to the year ahead, and plan to continue expanding the group via acquisitions and partnerships in strategic locations around the world. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming customers old and new, large and small, to our network of yards.

At Damen we recognise that over their lifetimes vessels need to refreshed and updated to meet the expectations of their end customers. We have unrivalled experience in refits for vessels ranging from cruise ships and superyachts to FPSOs, dredgers and offshore support vessels. We provide a fully integrated service; working with clients from the earliest stages of design and engineering right through to procurement, installation and commissioning. With yards in convenient locations and a highly experienced workforce we guarantee excellent quality, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

With 13 dedicated repair yards in in key locations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, the quality and experience that are hallmarks of Damen Shiprepair and Conversion are never far away. Our short lead times, customer-focused approach and project management skills ensure minimum downtime with vessels on their way as quickly as possible. Our harbour and voyage repair service can reduce that downtime still further, or eliminate it altogether. Our facilities are comprehensively equipped and we maintain relationships with specialist suppliers of all types that ensure that we can offer a one-stop-shop to vessels of every class. With dry docks up to 420 metres in length, we can take even the largest vessels.

Regular maintenance is vital to the reliable operation of every vessel, as well as to ensure regulatory compliance. Damen Shiprepair works with clients to fulfil their maintenance needs in the way that suits them best, whether the demand is for one-off projects or lifetime service packages that take complete responsibility for all the maintenance requirements. Our experience allows us to undertake the most challenging assignments in the shortest time possible, while achieving the highest standards of safety and quality. With Damen as their maintenance partner, owners can be sure that their vessels will operate at maximum efficiency and give many years of dependable service.

With our highly skilled project teams, extensive engineering and design expertise, and decades of experience in both newbuilds and refits, Damen is the ideal partner for even the most complex conversions. Over the years we have successfully completed vessel lengthenings, converted ships into pipe and cable layers, and transformed drilling rigs into offshore accommodation platforms. With first-class facilities and some of the biggest dry docks in Europe we are ready to accept the largest and most challenging projects. Safety, quality, craftsmanship and a commitment to transparency and effective communications between all the partners involved lies at the core of every project we undertake.

Now in its second year of operation, the Damen Service Hub network is well on its way to achieving its objective of enhancing customer service in regions where there are concentrations of Damen vessels, but no easily accessible Damen shipyard. The hubs allow owners and operators to obtain local support and services quickly and easily, ensuring minimal downtime. Typical activities include warranty support, repairs and the delivery of parts. Eleven hubs across five continents are now either up and running or in the process of setting up. Each consists of a dedicated team of Damen personnel that has access to the full resources of Damen Shiprepair & Conversion to complete the required services, regardless of the scope of work.



In October 2015 Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) set up a new company to focus on repairs on vessels while they are in harbour or at sea. This extends the Damen mission of being ready to support their customers wherever they may be.

The result is additional choices available to owners and operators when it comes to when and where they wish to undertake their repairs. The company has full access to the human and capital resources of DSC and offers the full range of  services available in the group’s yards, including our new Glass Reinforced Epoxy piping product. Third-party expertise can also be brought on board for particularly specialised operations.

Our highly experienced repair teams can access vessels anywhere in the world and operate a 24/7 service. In addition to the resources available at DSC’s 15 repair yards, the company works closely with the group’s growing network of service hubs, giving customers access to personnel and equipment embedded in locations across five continents.

Clients can draw on additional resources in and around the port of Rotterdam, where Damen Harbour & Voyage Repair operates a small fleet of dedicated vessels including two workboats, a tug and a number of pontoons. This allows even faster response and turnaround times.

The service is available to all, whatever the origins of their vessels, and the new company is expanding rapidly as owners and operators appreciate the advantages of being able to access Damen expertise, experience and quality while their vessels are in harbour or underway.

The convenience and efficiency that comes from reducing or even eliminating downtime is highly valued, as is the ability to achieve that while taking advantage of the skills and resources of one of the most experienced ship repair groups in the industry.

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