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Damen launches Cargo Vessel Product Group

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Damen has launched a new Cargo Vessel Product Group headed up by Richard Nugteren.

Damen has been building cargo vessels for more than 35 years. The new Cargo Vessel division offers a broad range of multipurpose and general cargo vessels from 800 dwt to 20,000 dwt, including container ships, oil & gas tankers, ro-ro vessels and heavy lift ships.

The design, engineering and development of the vessels is concentrated at Damen Shipyards Bergum in the Netherlands.

Although the cargo market has been a little slower in recent years, there are signs that it is improving, particularly with demand for smaller, multipurpose vessels up to 5,000 dwt and for oil and LNG tankers between 3-8,000 cubic metres, Richard explains. LNG is gaining in popularity with the introduction of designated Emission Control Areas in the Baltic and North Sea, and European shipowners are modernising their fleets, replacing older vessels.

At the moment, two 8,000 cubic metres sea/river tankers are under construction, which are designed specifically for the Russian inland waterways, rivers and coastal surroundings. Building tankers for the Russian waterways is a first for Damen.

The first vessel will be delivered in April 2017 and the second follows in September.

Richard is optimistic that the 5,000 dwt multipurpose vessels will prove popular. “We have a long history of making quality cargo vessels, with low operational costs and a high secondhand value. And when we get an order, we do what we agreed, delivering them on time and in budget.”

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