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Damen Magazine #6

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Damen Magazine #5

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Damen Magazine #4

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Damen Magazine #3

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Damen Magazine #2

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table of contents

  • Executive board

  • Latest news

    – Largest Damen vessel ever
    – PSV 3300
    – Spotlight on: Rowan Viking
  • New Design

    – ASD Tug 2810 Hybrid takes off
    – Wind Farm Service Vessel
    – FIRM
    – New FCS 2008 Twin Axe on stock
    – Multipurpose Power
  • Libya: Building valued relationships

  • Shiprepair & Conversion – Relume

  • Working@Damen: Sophie Chen

  • Latest news

    – Damen Shipyards Sharjah, UAE
    – Australian Service Hub
    – Damen Song Cam Shipyard
  • Event: AMELS 199

  • Safety

  • Damen Technical Cooperation

  • Shiprepair & Conversion –
    Policy & Strategy

  • History

  • Facts & Figures

  • Building in Africa for Africa

  • Interview Friso Visser

  • Interview Estrolete Julies

  • Interview Gary Atkins

  • Interview Ricardo Daniels

  • Interview Sam Montsi

  • Interview Frank Rebel

  • SVS: a client’s perspective
    interview with MD Tudor Ellis

  • Newbuild vessels

  • Fleet maintenance: the DAFF project

  • World Design Capital 2014

  • South African Wines

  • Deliveries – a selection

  • Under construction – a selection

  • Repair, maintenance, conversion –
    a job well done

  • Green developments:

    Health, Safety and the Environments
  • Research & Development

  • Damen and the client survey

  • Working@Damen: Bob Derks

  • Latest news

    – Shipdock
    – Propulsion specialists
    – Damen Shipyards Antalya
    – Ice-Class Ferries for Newfoundland
  • Bigger and better vessels in Brazil

  • Damen Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support vessel
    fits perfectly into the Superyacht world

  • Working@Damen: Chiel de Leeuw

  • Green developments:

    Ballast Water Treatment
  • Offshore developments

  • STu 3011

  • Antalya (Turkey) joins the portfolio

  • New product: the Damen Waterbus

  • Maritime heritage:
    Damen and Dutch museums

  • Shiprepair & Conversion – Polarcus Naila

  • Build your own tug (1:100)

  • Unique cooperation

  • Damen Webshop reloaded

  • Damen Shipyards Group Portfolio

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Damen Magazine #1

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table of contents

    • Energy, Security, Stability

      CEO René H. Berkvens reflects on the success
      of 2012 and outlines Damen’s ambitions for
      the future
    • Azimuth Tractor Drive Tug 2412

      Compact and strong: ideal for busy ports
    • PEOPLE Working for Damen as an expat

      Managing Director of Damen Shipyards
      Singapore is just one of our many employees
      whose career takes them abroad
    • Pontoons & Barges

      Strong demand for pontoons and barges
      continues unabated
    • Dutch Design

      Designers from the exclusive sports car
      manufacturer Donkervoort and Damen
      compare notes
    • Anchor Handling Tug Supplier

      With a 200-tonne bollard pull and able to
      operate in water depths of 3,000 m, the new
      AHTS 200 is extremely versatile
    • Facing the challenge

      COO Arnout Damen reflects on the past year
      and outlines his thoughts on how Damen will
      face the challenges of the future
    • Norway

      New office opens in Stavanger
    • Damen Services

      A trusted partner and full service provider
      during the complete lifecycle
    • Damen Services

      A trusted partner and full service provider
      during the complete lifecycle
    • Fast Crew Supplier 2610

      Designed for the real world
    • PEOPLE Shipbuilders

      Inside the production hall
    • 85 Years – 1 family

      Employing 7,000 people worldwide, but family
      values and quality standards are always at the
      heart of Damen
    • Eye-catching Exhibitions

      A no-nonsense shipbuilder with a
      passion for the arts
    • Australia Special

      Proven designs, on time and in
      budget prove a hit Down Under
    • Damen in Australia

    • Bhagwan Marine

    • Museum that goes to sea

    • Asia Pacific

    • Damen’s E3 Quality Brand

      Smells like green spirit
    • PEOPLE Services

      A project engineer in Africa
    • Solid finance

      CFO Bernard Tijs retires, leaving Damen’s financial structure well-organised
    • R&D

      Ongoing in-house research leads to
      continual improvement
  • ASD Tug 2810 Hybrid

    “Being green has to be commercially attractive”
  • Splendid Isolation

    Amels’ super yachts reach the most exotic and remote corners of the globe
  • Deliveries

  • Under construction

  • Repair, Conversion, Maintenance

  • Damen Dredging Equipment

    A complete portfolio, from CSDs to TSHDs
    and from pumps to full dredging packages
  • The Sea Axe bow

    Successful Sea Axe design continues to prove popular with the offshore industry
  • Human Resources

    A compass for finding new recruits
  • Damen Shiprepair & Conversion

    40 Dry Docks worldwide
  • Around the world with Kommer Damen

    Damen’s Chairman embarks on his second world sailing tour on his beloved Bellatrix
  • Building in and for Brazil for two decades

    Competitive designs, a good track record and opportunities aplenty
  • Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

    International navies appreciate unique
    SIGMA concept
  • Dedicated to Offshore Wind

    Entire range of vessels dedicated to the
    Offshore Wind industry
  • Culture

    The Chemistry of contemporary Dance
  • Components

    Strong demand for nozzles and other parts
    leads to expansion worldwide
  • Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC)

    Damen can build at any location and any yard can
    build a Damen designed vessel
  • Licence to build

    In the exceptional cases where Damen vessels cannot be built directly or locally, licences
    prove popular
  • Stan Patrol 5009

    A world standard in just one year
  • Damen Workboats

    Introducing a new department
  • Fishery Inspection Surveillance Vessels

    Keeping valuable fishing grounds safe
  • PEOPLE Offshore & Transport

    Two managers in the O&T team outline how the Group serves this rapidly growing industry
  • Bringing People Together

    Modern, efficient and environmentally friendly ferries
  • Gadgets galore!

    For Him and For Her
  • Modern, spacious, light

    The new Damen HQ in Gorinchem, the Netherlands
  • Damen Shipyards Group portfolio

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