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Introduction by Kommer Damen

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Last year I introduced our corporate magazine to you and I invited you to comment on this new annual publication – and so you did. Thank you for your many responses. Basically, we received much, humbling, praise from engineers, ministers, captains, purchasing managers – it seems to be a good read for all. There was some good criticism too. So, in DAMEN #2 we have incorporated your feedback – like we do with our vessels. I hope you will continue to give your feedback on this issue. We take it seriously.

Now back to business. The past 12-15 months can be characterized as a transitional period. In 2013 we delivered a record number of 170 vessels while reorganising our production and several yards at the same time. Our order book is full and includes several brand new designs that have made it to the market and which you will find in this magazine, alongside other developments in R&D, HSEQ and ‘going green’. I daresay Damen is not yet a ´green company´, but we are devoting much time and energy to get there. This goes for using recyclable material and hybrid lease-cars for employees as well as for building (hybrid) vessels and delivering environmentally sound services.

In the end, however, I believe shipbuilding is a ‘peoples-business’. Hence, you will find quite a few personal (both professional and private) insights in these pages. I wish you a flourishing business and hope you will enjoy the magazine.

Kommer Damen

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