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Time on your yacht should be a time of uninterrupted luxury and pleasure. Your yacht should cater for that, nothing more. Everything else should be left to a support vessel to handle. That’s what an increasing number of forward-thinking owners are realising, and that’s why they want a Damen Yacht Support vessel. Pictured here with an 83-metre Amels 272 mothership, the Yacht Support vessel means owners and their guests can enjoy a true luxury yachting experience – without limits.

1 Bigger toys
Would you like to have a 45 ft tender? A submarine? A sailing boat? Could you physically fit one on your superyacht? Even if you could, at what cost? Having a Yacht Support vessel removes the need for compromise. No toy need be left behind!

2 Safer helideck
Safety first? Would you prefer landing on a small helipad or a fully certified helideck for day and night operations? Do you mind abandoning your sun  lounger when the helicopter arrives? Everybody inside, and don’t forget the cushions! The picture shows the safer, simpler answer – a fully certified 5,000 kg helideck developed for the offshore industry.

3 No waiting!
Depart – and arrive – whenever it suits you. Isn’t that how it should be? Deploying and retrieving watertoys is a time-consuming and tedious process. So why not sail away and leave the Yacht Support to do the hard work, and then watch it cruise past at high speed to prepare your next destination?

4 Privacy & security
The risks of piracy in some parts of the world are well known, and a risk not worth taking with your superyacht. A Yacht Support vessel can be equipped to provide the security you need – both personnel and hardware – to ensure a smooth passage. Also, why not use a Yacht Support vessel to accommodate ancillary staff, and to give your regular crew some time away from the mothership.

5 Platform
Yacht Support vessels are developed out of the large Damen portfolio, which are deployed around the world into offshore, military, and other challenging environments. More than 100 SEA AXEs have been built, with another 40 currently in construction.

6 Unlimited capacity
Our range provides you with unlimited capacity for all kinds of items that cannot be stored on the mothership: bigger tenders, unlimited crew and staff, provisioning, fuel, spare parts, etc, etc…. Imagine what that extra capacity could bring for you and your crew, the new possibilities it creates…

7 Interior finish
At a minimum, accommodation on your Yacht Support vessel will be furnished to the same standard as a crew interior on an Amels luxury yacht. But you have the option even to finish to the standards of a superyacht luxury interior. Travel fast, travel in style.

8 Aesthetics
First impressions count, and the bold, muscular looks of a Yacht Support vessel make it a real headturner. Every vessel is faired and painted to yacht standard, and the deck is finished in Bolidt artificial teak.

9 Speed!
You need speed. There is no point having a support ship if it lags behind. The patented design of the SEA AXE hull form gives it the power and stability to maintain speeds of up to 25 knots, even through a rough seaway.

10 Innovation
Dr Lex Keuning wanted to explore a new concept in ship design. His thinking was: “If you can sharpen the bow, increase the sheer and lower the centreline of the bow, this should dramatically reduce the wave-exciting forces when a ship is sailing in a seaway.” And so, in conjunction with TU Delft, MARIN and Damen, Dr Keuning pioneered and patented the ‘Axe Bow’, so called because the forefoot is deeper than the keel, resembling an axe. The SEA AXE is very efficient. It has up to 15 % less resistance, better seakeeping in large waves, and up to 75 % less vertical peak accelerations than other fast ships.

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