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Fast Inspection Repair & Maintenance Vessel

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Development of a new concept

Early 2000 Damen introduced the ‘Damen Offshore Series’. Today this series comprises a comprehensive line of Platform Supply Vessels (from 1,500 to 5,000 tonne deadweight) Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (from 85 to 200 tonne bollard pull), Fast Crew Suppliers (12 – 65m) and other Support Vessels. This series were well received by the market and a few modest, but serious successes were achieved, especially with the Platform Supply Vessels.

The Damen Group shows the ambition to grow in the various fields of the maritime industry, this includes newbuild, services and repair covering the mid and high end of the Offshore Industry. An extensive market study was performed in order to allocate those segments of this flourishing market that are interesting to Damen. Not having a track record in the high-end Offshore, but equipped with a vast experience in the handling of challenging projects, Damen developed a number of concept designs. Designs to ‘tease’ the market and show innovative capabilities. This approach broke with the principle of developing vessels based on effective contracts and known end-users. The concept designs are developed in-house, on Damen’s own account and are supported by pragmatic market surveys and creative thinking.


The FIRM concept was developed on the assumption that it might be an ‘niche’ in the Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM) market to provide a vessel with a substantial higher speed potential than the existing designs showed. There are potential cost savings related to shortening the transit times (increasing the number of workable days) and/or quicker response times in case of a calamity (e.g. leaking pipeline). Especially the improved Emergency Response performance was considered an important gain.
The market survey listed the minimum requirements for a market-conform IRM Vessel. Damen worked on the development of a hull form facilitating high speeds incorporating offshore requirements as well.


The power demand for the total operation of the vessel was carefully taken into account. A balance was found in the amount of power for a suitable DP-performance in harsh conditions (0-speed) and the high speed option. The concept features principles of the enlarged ship concept and the successful Damen Axe Bow designs. Special attention is given to 0-speed performance in order to provide a stable working platform in sea state conditions. The vessel includes a Diesel Electric 3,3 kV system, driving twin azi- POD’s. Side thrust is generated through twin tunnel thrusters in the bow as well as a retractable thruster.

Key features

Typical IRM features are included such as an active heave Deep Sea Offshore crane, a module handling tower able to handle structure’s up to 30 tonnes through a standard-sized moonpool. Furthermore, twin working class ROV hangars, inspection ROV’s and ample accommodation up to 100 persons is part of the outfitting.

The Heli deck is situated amidships at a position were movements and acceleration levels are minimal. The design offers the possibility to fit a motion compensated heli deck as an option. The development of the design is still in progress and the market is invited to share thoughts on layouts and outfitting. Options will be further investigated, e.g. diving support, pollution control, fire fighting etc.


DAMEN FIRM 120 (Concept design)
Length o.a. 120,00 m Deadweight (design draft) 1450 t
Beam mld 21,00 m Speed (design draft) 22 kn
Depth 9,50 m Propulsion power 7000 kW
Draft (design) 5,00 m Deck area 800 m2


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