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Damen Research

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2012 was an exciting year for Damen’s Research & Development Department with continuous efforts to support our Product Groups with predictions and specialist advice in the fields of hydrodynamics, noise and vibrations, structural design, marine engineering and ergonomics.

Eye-catching results of those efforts are the first Damen Render Recovery Winches that have been taken into operation on the ASD Tug 3212 and the Research Vessel ‘Simon Stevin’ that complies with the ICES standard 209 for silent ships and has, amongst other things, a wet and a dry laboratory onboard.

In cooperation with Delft University, the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution and De Vries Lentsch, a new lifeboat design was developed which is now under construction. Seakeeping behaviour and onboard noise levels have been drastically improved thanks to extensive research and development.

Predictive capability

Research projects dedicated to the improvement of our predictive capabilities contribute to the improvement of operational performance, sustainability (energy efficiency and emission reduction), crew comfort and lower lifecycle costs. Experimental programmes and development of mathematical models and tools have been carried out in combination with extensive analysis of the vast amount of measurement data of our standard designs. The work done to improve noise level predictions is an excellent example of the benefits of Damen’s philosophy of standardisation; results are being used in almost every vessel type.


Our efforts in the field of sustainability have led to the development of our first hybrid tug: the ASD Tug 2810 Hybrid (see article on the next page). Two of these are now under construction. LNG designs for several vessel types have been further developed and additional experimental research has been carried out for Damen’s air lubrication system ACES.

System integrator

As a result of our ambition to be at the forefront of technology development, cooperation with suppliers and research institutes has continued in 2012, fitting our role as system integrator.

Damen R&D is actively involved in cooperative research projects both in the Netherlands and internationally and will continue to do so in 2013.

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