DISCOVER Magazine #7

A sceptered isle of tradition

Published in category: Heritage & Culture

Rich in folklore, flamboyant in its celebration of national institutions and passionate about its unique sporting events, Britain is a land steeped in tradition. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the country’s approach to food and drink. Whether it be a cup of tea, a plate of fish and chips, or a pint of ale, Britain puts its own, special signature on things.

In recent years, the British beer industry has undergone a renaissance and is increasingly appreciated by a widening audience. The process of brewing has been redefined, with new varieties of hops and barley being applied to the most traditional, artisan methods of production. Like Damen, the British brewing industry represents a shining example of traditional skills and craftsmanship applied in a way that has growing relevance to the modern world.

A large number of craft breweries have been springing up, each one contributing its distinct, regionally focussed expression to the diverse range of flavours available nationally. Traditional ales are enjoyed throughout the year, with seasonal varieties contributing to the complexity and depth of availability. Many varieties are now available in bottles, though the most traditional way to drink an ale is handpumped straight from the cask in that most iconic and hallowed of British institutions: the local pub. Cheers!

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