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InvaSave – the world’s first mobile BWT port Solution

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Damen has a range of ballast water treatment options available including the world’s first mobile ballast water discharge technology for ports – the InvaSave. This is suitable for those owners that may not want to retrofit a treatment system, perhaps because their ships operate on fixed routes, or for ports, which may need to provide a backup in the case of emergencies when a ship’s on board treatment systems fail.

With InvaSave technology, ballast water only needs treating at the point of discharge, in contrast to fixed onboard installations that also need to treat at intake. Therefore, it facilitates port-based solutions. The InvaSave system is fully containerised and self-sufficient. Each container has a capacity of 300 m3/h. The 45ft HQ container can be put on a trailer or several can be placedon a dedicated treatment barge, pontoon or vessel. As it is possible to interconnect systems it’s easy to scale up treatment capacity if required.

The InvaSave technology was tested in various representative challenging water qualities. The official IMO land-based testing was successfully completed in 2015 and final shipboard testing will be finalised shortly.

InvaSave is on course to receive IMO type approval by the Dutch flag state in 2016.The first InvaSave systems will be operational at Groningen Seaports located in the Dutch Waddensea, a protected Unesco world heritage site, after the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention enters into force.

This project has been developed with the aid of a subsidy from Waddenfonds, a Dutch foundation that aims to protect and develop the ecology and economy of the region. Other partners in the project are Marine Eco Analytics, van Gansewinkel, Imares and Wagenborg.

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