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Introduction by Kommer Damen

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Welcome to Damen #6!

As anticipated, it has been a challenging year since I wrote the foreword for the previous edition of this magazine. Notably, demand for vessels operating in oil and gas sectors remains low – a situation I expect to persist over the coming decades.

However, it is by no means all bad news in the offshore industry – oil companies are gradually increasing exploration activities and new offshore fields will come into production in the coming years. And, in spite of – and in some cases, because of – low oil prices, some sectors continue to perform.

The offshore renewables industry is still up and coming. We have developed a range of solutions for this market, including the FCS 2710 – the next generation of crew supply vessels based on a Twin Axe hull design for safe, comfortable transportation to wind farms. In line with the political climate in some regions, defence and security at sea is in focus. At the other end of the spectrum, yachting is experiencing considerable activity – since the last edition of this magazine went to press, Amels has sold yachts from both its Limited Editions Range and Full Custom builds. Additionally, we have seen demand for Yacht Support Vessels and SeaXplorer Expedition Yachts.

The expedition theme is growing in relevance. To support this, Damen has announced a new focus on the expedition cruise market, assisted by industry partners and members of the Damen Shipyards Group such as naval architect KNUD E. HANSEN.

We are seeing renewed investment in waterborne public transport, spurred on by economic recovery. Damen is supporting this sector with its in-house R&D and Innovation programmes, developing solutions such as the first fully electric ferries in Canada.

This is just one example of the many innovations that we are working on currently. We see the world changing around us, with ever more attention being paid to digitalisation and sustainability. As a company with a long-term view, it is vital that we play a leading role in these developments. This is why Damen personnel are putting their wealth of talent to good use developing a whole range of new tools and services to help our customers retain their relevancy for the future and lower the cost of their operations. Initiatives such as a remote monitoring system that take data from Damen vessels in operation are of great use to the entire chain. Such information provides Damen with the opportunity to optimise our designs, our suppliers to produce the right volume and type of components and, most importantly of all, gives our customers access to reduced lifecycle costs and maximum uptime of their vessels.

Happy reading!

Kommer Damen

Damen Corporate Commercial

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