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Modular navigation and communication concept

Alphatron Marine from Rotterdam has over the past few years turned into a real co-maker for Damen, keeping in mind the 300+ vessels that have been equipped by the navigation and communication specialist. The innovations in Alphatrons specific field of work are being incorporated in the modular bridge design enabling Damen to offer their clients a state-of-the-art bridge concept. This fits the specific purpose of a vessel, whether it concerns the PSV 3300, other Offshore Vessels, High Speed Patrol Vessels, Fast Yacht Suppliers, Interceptors, Ferries or Crew Vessels.

The company’s unique modular bridge concept was developed in close cooperation with Damen, in the end enabling Damen to order the total bridge concept for a certain type of vessel in a one-stop-shop, whereby the engineering and pre-fabrication is executed in the Rotterdam workshop. A scope is specified for each vessel type, which can be altered by the client in the early stages on the build process. Design and equipment are determined with the Damen Engineering Team. Even parts ordered by Damen that need integration into either the systems on board or in a space in the consoles are assembled by Alphatron to ensure no changes to the consoles are necessary when installing the bridge(s) on board.

After assembly, the units are crated and shipped to any location in the world, arriving just in time for the production process to continue flawlessly. The pre-engineering phase is more extensive compared to conventional building, but on board a lot of time is saved because all the equipment is already in the consoles and connected, waiting to be tied to the ships systems.

The 8 Damen PSV 3300 series are all equipped with a complete navigation, communication, bulk handling and entertainment package, supplied by Alphatron Marine.

The vessels comply with both the DNV OSV (A) Class as well as Lloyd’s Nav1 Class. The centre of attention on the bright yellow PSV series is the operator chair, of which each vessel has two completely redesigned pieces.

The chairs are supplied by Damen to Alphatron. In the Rotterdam workshop the chairs receive complete new custom-made armrests to fit all the equipment as required by Damen. These armrests are built to customer wishes by Alphatron, always keeping ergonomics and safe handling of a vessel in mind.

Another remarkable feature in the bridge concept is the central dimming system for all 24 TFT monitors on the bridge and Alphaline custom panels and the window wiper control via an Alphatouch Multi-function panel that steers all 32 wipers and washers. Another request by Damen that was executed by Alphatron and which solved a presumed difficult situation.

The cooperation suits both companies as Alphatron has a platform for innovations that can be discussed with a knowledgeable partner and Damen can count on the reliable AlphaBridge keeping ships and crew safe and customers happy.

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