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Many Canadian communities separated by harsh seas and freezing winters rely on ferries as a vital societal and economic link. A benchmark for the world, Canadian ferries keep people, vehicles and freight moving from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic seaboard. So we understand the importance communities place on uninterrupted service. That’s why we offer dedicated, local after-sales and a broad range of services covering a vessel’s operational lifespan.

Ferries are an integral part of Canada’s transportation systems, and the government has set extremely high standards for safety and environmental performance. To serve this demanding market, we have invested all of our shipbuilding knowhow into designing, engineering and building great ferries that deliver great value for citizens.

Delivering quality ships on time and on budget is our promise to our clients. But our promise also means keeping these vessels working reliably and safely through their warranty period and beyond. So if machinery breaks down for any reason, our after-sales team launches into action.Veteran uway AERIAL ix - 21.08.2015_1300_770

“We have 24/7 warranty support and we offer training to ensure the vessels are operating efficiently right from the start,” Damen Sales Manager North America Jan van Hogerwou explains. “Should a problem arise, we make sure we get it right as fast as possible. That’s the way we do business, and we have the financial, technical and global resources to live up to our promises.”

Last October, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador took delivery of its new Damen-built ferry in St. John’s. The 80-metre Ice Class RoPax ferry Veteran runs services in the so-called ‘Iceberg Alley’ to Fogo Island and Change Islands.

Veteran is the first of a two-vessel contract, with a design stemming from a Canadian-Danish partnership between Fleetway and Knud E. Hansen. Several Canadian companies provided engineering expertise and services for these vessels, from electrical equipment to fire-fighting systems. The sister ship Legionnaire, scheduled for delivery from Damen Shipyards Galati as this magazine goes to print, will operate the busy route from Portugal Cove to Bell Island.

Damen is setting up a maintenance centre in St. John’s, partnering with local engineers to ensure service and spare parts within driving distance of the homeport of the vessels.

Should a problem arise, we make sure we get it right as fast as possible. That’s the way we do business, and we have the financial, technical and global resources to live up to our promises.

Ferry portfolio – from water taxis to double-ended ferries. Damen’s ultra-modern (Fast) Ferries, Water Taxis, Water Buses, RoPax and Double Ended Ferries operate all over the world.

In Vancouver the Coast Mountain Bus Company operates the ‘SeaBus’ Burrard Otter II on the very busy Burrard Inlet, connecting North Vancouver with downtown Vancouver. The ferry was built at Damen Shipyards Singapore.

Alternative fuel sources
Engineers at our dedicated Damen Research department are developing new solutions that combine safer, more sustainable technology with lower Total Cost of Ownership. We’re looking at applying our proven expertise in LNG as a fuel to ferries, as well as our hybrid technology to reduce harmful emissions and increase efficiency.

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