DISCOVER Magazine #7

Damen Song Cam Shipyard

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Damen Song Cam Shipyard, a brand new joint venture yard, which is one of the largest in the Group and one that represents Damen’s first owned yard in Vietnam, was opened in March 2014.

DSCS is state-of-the-art, bringing a western shipyard designed to meet European health, safety and environmental standards into a Vietnamese environment. It will be producing around 40 ships a year in the first phase.

With direct access to open sea, the new yard is based on a 43-hectare site, of which 500 m is directly alongside the River Cam. The yard has a 120 m long x 85 m wide outfitting hall, plus extensive paint and carpentry workshops. A Rolls-Royce Syncrolift® shiplift, with a platform of 60 m long x 24 m wide, is also on site. The paint shop is air-conditioned, which is very important given the humidity of the climate.


Around 300 people currently work at Damen Song Cam Shipyard, which will slowly rise to 800 at the end of phase 1, enabling the yard to handle 40 vessels annually. After that, phase 2 and 3 will bring extra facilities, making the yard suitable for building up to 50 hulls and outfitting a further 80 vessels annually. By then, more than 2500 people will be working at Damen’s largest production facility.

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