DISCOVER Magazine #7

Britannia on the waves

Published in category: Countries

United Kingdom history

Britain is a land of diversity. From the rolling hills of the downs in the south, to the snow-capped peaks of Scotland in the north and from the fenlands of East Anglia to the wilds of Wales, many different landscapes are encountered.

This diverse scenery produces distinct people, often with proud, regional expressions of culture, accents, dialects and even languages. As a result of Britain’s prominence on the international stage, this diversity has only increased over the years.

At its heart, the United Kingdom is a maritime country. As an island nation, Britain has always relied on seaborne trade for
her commerce and naval force for her defence. Throughout the early modern period, up to the early 20th century, Britain could
legitimately clam to ‘rule the waves’. Times have changed, but the maritime industries remain crucially important to Britain’s
prosperity, as can be seen by the UK’s leading role in the offshore energy sectors, for example.


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