DISCOVER Magazine #7

A taste of South Africa

Published in category: Countries

South Africa has garnered praise for its wines, and for good reason. It’s the wine country of the future. Output is growing rapidly and South African wines offer increasingly better value for money – something that can also be said of Damen.

In the winemaking tradition, South Africa bridges the gap between the Old and the New Worlds: it is terroir-driven with French influences, but on an entirely different continent. The first vineyards were planted more than 350 years ago (by Jan van Riebeeck, a Commander in the Dutch East India Company), but the industry only began to flourish and innovate after apartheid and the international trade boycott against it had ended. Even today, it invests in expertise, new technologies and long-term sustainability – a philosophy that has Damen’s wholehearted support. Now that exports are booming, emblematic wines such as Chenin Blanc and Pinotage from the Cape regions have become popular worldwide. Expert Etienne van Unen (of Van Unen Wijninkopers) selected five of his favourites for Damen Magazine.

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